Project Syn: Commodore


Welcome to the documentation of Commodore - a Project Syn tool.


Commodore is a command line tool which provides opinionated tenant-aware management of Kapitan inventories and templates.

Commodore uses Kapitan for the heavy lifting of rendering templates and resolving a hierarchical configuration structure.

Commodore introduces the concept of a component, which is a bundle of Kapitan templates and associated Kapitan classes which describe how to render the templates. Commodore sets up an inventory by downloading all required components and symlinking the relevant classes into the inventory structure which Kapitan understands.

Components can define dependencies to Jsonnet libraries using jsonnet-bundler. See Manage Dependencies.

Additionally, Commodore allows post-processing the output of Kapitan. This functionality was first introduced to allow adding namespace information to the output of helm template, as this information isn’t applied by Helm when only templating a chart.