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Project Syn is a set of tools helping to securely manage a fleet of Kubernetes clusters. It brings a hierarchical configuration management based on GitOps principles, reusable components and an inventory of information about all Kubernetes clusters.

See introduction for a more detailed description about what Project Syn offers. If you would like to get in touch with us have a look at community for ways how to do that.

The Getting Started gives you a glimpse into Project Syn. Give it a try!

Overview of Project Syn tools


Hierarchical Configuration Management with Kapitan.

Lieutenant Operator

Kubernetes operator providing the business logic for the API.

Lieutenant API

REST API for cluster management.


In-Cluster agent.

Tools we created but aren’t strictly related to Project Syn.


Floodgate controls SUC channels


The documentation is inspired by the Divio’s documentation structure:


Learning-oriented: a lesson which teaches you something around Project Syn.

How-to guides

Problem-oriented: step-by-step guides to achieve a goal.

Technical reference

Information-oriented: description about the inner ongoings of Project Syn.


Understanding-oriented: explains the background.