Deprecation notices

This page lists deprecations of Commodore features organized by version. We include a link to relevant documentation, if applicable.



parameters.commodore.jsonnet_libs is removed

The parameter has been deprecated since Commodore v0.6.0, and is removed in v0.13.0.

Component specifications without explicit version are deprecated

Users should always specify an explicit version in component specifications. In general, we encourage users to switch to explicitly tagged versions for all components.

To keep the previous default behavior, users can specify version: master in the component specification.


parameters.commodore.jsonnet_libs is deprecated

Users should specify Jsonnet dependencies of components in the component’s jsonnetfile.json.

For now, Commodore itself ensures kube-libsonnet is available as lib/kube.libsonnet.


parameters.component_versions is deprecated

Users should switch to parameters.components which has the exact same format.


  • Class includes of components are removed. Instead components must be included with entries in the applications array.


  • The reclass hierarchy must be configured in the global defaults repository. See the reference docs for details.

  • The following parameters will be removed in a future release. They’re replaced by keys in parameters.facts and parameters.cluster:

    • parameters.cluster.distparameters.facts.distribution



    • parameters.customer.nameparameters.cluster.tenant