Project Syn Roadmap

This page lists the high level roadmap of Project Syn. It will be under constant change.

It’s done when it’s done

We release the tools independently, this page contains a list of ideas throughout all Project Syn tools.


Features which we’re confident are being implemented:

  • Make catalog compilation much faster than it’s today (Rewrite Reclass in Rust).

  • Introduce component dependency handling.

  • Rework UX of CLI.

  • Support for decentralized GitOps repositories.

  • Create merge requests on catalog generation (policy-based, similar to Renovate).

  • Local development environment for simpler Commodore Component development.

  • Remove Lieutenant API and make it a 100% Kubernetes API.

  • Component version reporting, so that it’s known which Component versions are used where.


Features which are part of our vision and therefore have uncertainty of being implemented:

  • Project Syn Control Plane as a Service (So you don’t have to care of running Lieutenant, Vault and other stuff needed).

  • Renewed "Getting Started" experience to make it much easier to start with Project Syn.

  • Decentralized catalog compilation, for example directly on the destination cluster.

  • Make Commodore Components usable standalone, without requiring Lieutenant and Steward.

  • Automated secret generation in Vault on cluster creation.

  • Support for other Git repository hosting than GitLab (for example GitHub, Gitea, Forgejo)

  • Git commit signing of Commodore catalogs and only allow properly signed catalogs on clusters

Older Releases

See the GitHub Releases for each tool: