Project Syn Roadmap

This page lists the high level roadmap of Project Syn. It will be under constant change.

It’s done when it’s done


Released: 2020–03–02

This is the very first release of Project Syn and contains the following tool releases:

With this initial release the focus was to get the basics up and running:

  • Registering Tenants and Clusters in Lieutenant

  • Bootstrap GitOps repositories

  • Bootstrap Steward and GitOps on the Cluster

  • Generate Cluster Catalogs with Commodore

Announcement blog post: First Pre-Release of Project Syn Tools.


Released: 2020–07–23

This is the second release of Project Syn and contains the following tool releases:

Focus for this release:

  • Enable people to work with Commodore Components (CC), "Dev Experience."

    • Helper tools to write Commodore Components (Cookiecutter template)

  • Decommissioning of clusters and other components fully automated

    • Git repository deletion mechanism - including safe-guards

  • Get the bootstrap process fully automated

    • Automate creation of cluster config file in tenant configuration repository

    • Initialize empty catalog Git repository

  • Bring the documentation of Project Syn up to speed

    • Rework existing Syn Design Documents

    • How-Tos for basic workflows

Announcement blog post: Second Beta Release of Project Syn Tools.


The following topics will be part of the first one-point-zero release:

  • Enhancements for Commodore Component developers

    • Component testing framework and automation

    • Component documentation automation and integration into

  • Enhanced Commodore configuration hierarchy (dynamic hierarchy)

  • Automated Component maintenance with Renovate (Support for GitHub)

  • Automated secret generation in Vault on cluster creation

  • Implementation of SDD 0023 - Managed Services Controller

  • GitOps for application deployment on a Project Syn enabled Kubernetes Cluster

  • Commodore automated catalog generation

New tools appearing in this release:

  • Quartermaster: Catalog compilation decision engine

  • Carpenter: Conditional object generator


This is still subject to change
  • Enhance Commodore to be used for regular application deployment

  • Full Crossplane integration

  • Enable Commodore to create merge requests on catalog generation (policy-based, similar to Renovate)

  • Integration of Open Policy Agent into Lieutenant Operator

  • Git commit signing of Commodore catalogs and only allow properly signed catalogs on clusters

  • Automated cluster provisioning object generator, supporting OpenShift Hive and Crossplane

  • Cluster inventory enhancements (reports via Lieutenant inventory)

  • Pull / Merge Request dashboard showing open maintenance requests