Managing container image versions

It’s considered best practice to provide component parameter images which contains the default container image versions for all images used by the component.

The value of parameter images should be an object where each field name corresponds to a container image used by the component. The value of each field should again be an object with fields registry, repository, and tag. These fields should correspond to the container image registry, repository in that registry and image tag of the container image.


In this example, the component requires a container image which contains kubectl. By default, the component uses the Bitnami kubectl image hosted on

        repository: bitnami/kubectl
        tag: '1.21.2'

Unless the implementation has specific requirements, it’s strongly recommended to use the following snippet to construct a container image string which is suitable to use as field image in a Kubernetes Container resource.

// We assume that the component parameters are available in local variable `params`.
local kubectlImage = '%(registry)s/%(repository)s:%(tag)s' % params.images.kubectl;