Project Syn Tools Release Process

All Project Syn Tools follow this release process:

  1. Create a release branch

    git checkout -b prepare-release
  2. Edit the for the release

  3. Where appropriate, edit deploy/kustomization.yaml to point to the to-be-released version

    1. On Lieutenant API also update the Steward tag in deploy/deployment.yaml: Environment variable STEWARD_IMAGE.

  4. Commit and push the changes and create a Pull Request

    git commit -a -m "Prepare release vX.Y.Z"
    git push -u
  5. After the Pull Request is reviewed and merged, create a new GitHub release

    1. Go to$tool/releases/new

    2. Fill in the form:

      Tag version: "v0.2.0"
      Release title: "v0.2.0"
      Describe this release: copy most recent entries (remove square brackets)
    3. Publish the release

  6. Check and update Getting Started guide and Tutorial: Writing your First Commodore Component (These guides need to be up-to-date and work 100% all the time)

After the release is done, switch back the deployment artifacts to point to latest again.

Additional work for full release

If a "major" release is being done, the following additional work needs to be done:

  • Update the Roadmap

  • Write a blogpost and spread it on social media

  • Close the associated GitHub project and internal Jira project (if applicable)