Project Syn Tools Release Process

Releases often just require a new SemVer tag with v-prefix to be pushed, for example v1.2.3. The changelog and GitHub release will then be generated automatically.

All Project Syn Tools that require the container image tag to be in sync with the release, require additional preparation:

  1. Create a release branch

    git checkout -b prepare-release
  2. Edit deploy/kustomization.yaml to point to the to-be-released version

    1. On Lieutenant API also update the Steward tag in deploy/deployment.yaml: Environment variable STEWARD_IMAGE.

  3. Commit and push the changes and create a Pull Request

    git commit -a -m "Prepare release vX.Y.Z"
    git push -u
  4. Check and update Getting Started guide and Tutorial: Writing your First Commodore Component (These guides need to be up-to-date and work 100% all the time)

Additional work for major releases

If a "major" release is being done, the following additional work needs to be done:

  • Update the Roadmap

  • Write a blogpost and spread it on social media

  • Close the associated GitHub project and internal Jira project (if applicable)