Change a parameter

Suppose you want to overwrite an inventory parameter for a cluster or tenant. This page assumes that you have already set up access to Lieutenant, so that commodore catalog compile generally works from any directory.

To run commodore from any directory, it should be in $PATH or an alias to a containerized Commodore.
  1. Get the Cluster and Tenant ID from Lieutenant and compile the catalog.

    export $CLUSTER_ID = <target-cluster-id>
    dir=$(mktemp -d)
    pushd "${dir}"
    commodore catalog compile $CLUSTER_ID
  2. Open your editor and edit the files you need to change.

    • If you want to overwrite an inventory parameter for a tenant or cluster, edit the appropriate file in inventory/classes/<tenant-id>.

    • If you want to adjust a parameter for a Kubernetes distribution or cloud provider, edit the appropriate file in inventory/classes/global.

    You can compile the catalog locally to verify your changes with commodore catalog compile $CLUSTER_ID --local.
  3. Navigate into the tenant or global directory, depending on which files you’ve edited, and commit your changes.

    pushd inventory/classes/<tenant-id>
    git status
    git add *
    git commit
    git push
  4. Compile the catalog again and push

    commodore catalog compile $CLUSTER_ID --push --interactive
    # Cleanup
    rm -r "${dir}"