SDD 0025 - Commodore Component Instantiation


Christian Cremer


Christian Cremer

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This SDD describes possible options to test Commodore components locally and in CI.


Currently Commodore components don’t support compiling and testing isolated within a component itself, one needs a whole catalog. Testing a component with different parameters is crucial in ensuring component quality.


  • Define how we want to test Commodore components.


  • Dictate which kind of tests a component author or contributor must provide in order for contributions to be accepted.

  • Dictate test "coverage" rules.

  • Limit component authors in the testing tools. Component authors are free to add more or other testing tools.

Design Proposal

Component templates will provide a scaffold for an easy getting started with testing. Components are to be tested with Go unit tests and OpenPolicyAgent’s Conftest policies using the Rego language. The advantage of using Go unit tests allows component authors to deserialize rendered YAML back into actual Kubernetes structs, allowing easy assertions on expected values. The advantage of Writing policies using the Rego syntax allows ensuring certain standards over a multiple of manifests (for example define well-known common labels). Combining both test methods should cover a wide range of test cases. It should be easy for component authors to run the tests on their local workstation, without needing a Commodore catalog compililation. A library for Go unit tests to define common helper functions should reduce the need to write boilerplate code for testing. A central set of policies tailored for Syn can be applied against all components in order to maintain a unified "good practice" across the components.

User Stories

  • As a component author, I would like to test my rendered component with different parameters, so that I can preview and assert the output against a set of expected results for quality assurance.

Implementation Notes

In the Makefile, we add targets that run Go unit tests and Conftest. In the GitHub Action workflow files, we add jobs that run the same tests in CI workflows on GitHub. A new library (or contribution to an existing) should centralize the common boilerplate needed to run Go unit tests. Some research is needed to figure out how to host policies centrally and apply them across all components.



Kubeval is a known tool for validating Kubernetes specification in YAML files. However, it doesn’t currently support CRDs, thus it’s not possible to validate manifests that aren’t in the core Kubernetes API. Furthermore, it only validates the syntax (structure, field types such as string, numbers etc.) but not whether the actual values are rendered as expected. Kubeval therefore would be easy to apply, but is of limited use.


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